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King and Queen Regents
A homemade crown made by Mrs. Gussie Byington (First elected Queen) was used through 1980-1983.  A metal and jeweled crown was purchased for the Queen Regent following that year.  The King Regent was presented with a gold-plated No. 2 “muck stick” or round-pointed shovel for the Royal Scepter, and he has always worn a black derby hat of felt material.  In mid-1987 materials were purchased and the auxiliary made new King and Queen Regent robes.  None had been used before this date.  Each year the names of the King and Queen Regent of that year are engraved on small brass plates, and are attached to the shovel handle.

The first gold colored round-pointed shovel was used by then Gov. Bill Sheffield and Grand President Max Wells at the ground breaking ceremony of the Juneau Pioneers Home on September 25, 1986.

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1980 George Messerschmidt & Gussie Byington 2001 Norman & Betty Miller
1981 Trevor Davis & Isabel Skuse 2002 Jim Ruotsala & Katherine Shaw
1982 Charles L “Jack” & Ruth Popejoy 2003 Maurice & Angie Long
1983 Leslie E. Swanson & Maxine Race 2004 George Danner & Mary Lewis
1984 Clifford L. & Edna Swap 2005 Bob & Peggy Cartmill
1985 Thomas & Olive Landon 2006 Gerald Dorsher & Sandy Adams
1986 Donald L. MacKinnon & Ruth Sterling 2007 Frank Morris & Virginia Calloway
1987 Arthur H. & Esther Kassner 2008 Don Burford & Florence Mynarski
1988 Dr. Clayton L. & Gertrude Polley 2009 Dick Garrison & Peggy Garrison
1989 Amos J. & Catherine Alter 2010 Don Burford & Carrita Campbell
1990 Leonard J. & Joan Harju 2011 Don Burford & Carrita Campbell
1991 Thomas & Nancy Shanley 2012 Larry & Mary Ann Welp
1992 Gene & Jane Hanna 2013 Doug Boddy & Mary Lou Meiners
1993 Eugene T. Specht & Florence Heppler 2014 Bruce & Harriet Botelho
1994 Ken & Romayne Kareen 2015 Dan & Lorinda Kassner
1995 Jake Hendricks & Virginia Post 2016 Doug & Carol Whelan
1996 Ralph & Betty Hunt 2017 Terry Brenner & Dee Brenner
1997 Mike Race & Lorraine Bayer 2018 Jean Hunt & Fred Thorsteinson
1998 Bob & Vi Dyer 2019 Bob & Dixie Weiss
1999 Don Burford & Wilma Kirkpatrick 2020 Jim and Denise Carroll
2000 Fred & Jean Thorsteinson 2021 Jim and Denise Carroll
    2022 Jim and Denise Carroll
2023 King and Queen Regents
Tom Dawson & Janice Holst

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