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 Membership Requirements for Pioneers of Alaska


Pioneers of Alaska, Juneau

Snow Shoe Be a man or woman of good moral character
Snow Shoe Be a citizen of the United States of America
Snow Shoe Be a legal resident of the State of Alaska for a minimum of twenty (20) accumulative years of which you have been physically domiciled in the Territory/State for a minimum of seven (7) months of each qualifying year
Snow Shoe Be domiciled in the State for at least seven (7) months prior to submitting your application
Snow Shoe Be a spouse of a qualified member of the Pioneers of Alaska with at least five but less than twenty years of residency and at least 20 years of age
To apply for membership in Men’s Igloo 6 or Women’s Igloo 6 please mail two copies of the application with original signatures and the application fee to the appropriate Igloo at P.O. Box 21005, Juneau, Alaska 99802.
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Snow Shoe Membership Application Form and Biographical Sketch
Snow Shoe Generations Form Instructions
Snow Shoe Generations Form
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